«Liberate Bengal!»

Mahaprabhu lived in Puri Dham with a limited group of His exclusive devotees. Mahaprabhu had so many devotees, but they would come to visit Puri for a few months every year. One year Nityananda Prabhu came to Puri Dham with so many of His followers, the dvadas-gopals, the avatars of the twelve cowherd boys of Vrndavan. They had all been preaching in Bengal, and after their visit Mahaprabhu ordered Nityananda Prabhu, «Go to Radha Des and preach there. I have sent Rupa-Sanatan to Upper India. I shall see to South India. You look after East India. This is our preaching strategy. You are not to come back here to Puri Dham. I will be with You everywhere. Whenever You remember Me, I shall appear wherever You are. So it is not necessary for You to come here every year. Please go to Radha Des and preach.» Then Nityananda Prabhu went back to Bengal with all His followers, first to Santipur, then to Nabadwip, and from there to other places. He preached all over Bengal.