Waiting for Nityananda

Nityananda Prabhu appeared to the common people as if He were a mad avadhut as He came to Nabadwip. At that time, Mahaprabhu had also come back from Gaya Dham. Mahaprabhu started performing sankirtan every night in Srivas Pandit’s house and showed His Krishna-prema to the devotees’ assembly. Advaita Prabhu declared that Mahaprabhu was Bhagavan. Srivas Pandit, Gadadhar Pandit, and all the devotees everywhere declared that Mahaprabhu was Bhagavan, and Mahaprabhu also showed them that. When the devotees understood the divine form of Mahaprabhu, they were very happy, and they understood that the Lord Himself had appeared for bestowing His mercy to the world through Hari-nam-sankirtan. But Mahaprabhu was not showing His full manifestation as the giver of Krishna-prema. Nobody knew why Mahaprabhu wasn’t widely starting His sankirtan movement, but when Nityananda came they understood the cause of Mahaprabhu’s behaviour. Mahaprabhu had been waiting for Nityananda.