Chida Dadhi Mahotsav

Raghunath Das Goswami was very happy. Raghunath Das was rich, and he immediately arranged dadhi (yoghurt), chida (flat rice), milk, ksir, sandes, rasagullas, mangos, bananas, and so many other foods. Everyone honoured all of these in clay pots. Raghunath Das arranged so much prasadam for thousands and thousands of Nityananda Prabhu’s followers. He fed all the devotees there very nicely. So many people were gathered on the banks of the Ganges, and the place was so full, that some people were even standing in the Ganges while they ate.

Nityananda Prabhu personally invited Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Mahaprabhu came there in His subtle form and accepted prasadam with Nityananda Prabhu and His devotees. Raghunath Das fed all the devotees there, and not only that, he gave pranami to them all in the form of gold coins. According to their positions all the devotees were given pranami. Nityananda Prabhu was given the largest quantity of gold coins, then Raghava Pandit, and then the general devotees. Everyone got some money from Raghunath Das. That festival became very famous. It is known as the Chida Dadhi Mahotsav, the yoghurt and chipped rice festival, which enabled Raghunath Das to enter into Chaitanya-lila.

Nityananda Prabhu was so happy that He put His lotus feet on the head of Raghunath Das Goswami, and blessed him: «Now your samsara will be dissolved. You will be clean and free from your family life. I am giving you entrance. You will get Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Now go back to your house. All of your bondage is now gone, and you will soon come to the lotus feet of Chaitanyadev.»