Mahaprabhu’s anger

In the meantime Haridas had gone back and given news to Mahaprabhu about what had happened: that Nityananda Prabhu had been hit and that He did not want to come back as He was determined to give Hari-nam and Krishna-prema to Jagai and Madhai. Mahaprabhu went there with His full battalion, and He saw the blood on Nityananda Prabhu’s head. Mahaprabhu was very angry. He forgot His mundane appearance, and He called for His Sudarsan chakra (‘Chakra, chakra, chakra’ — Prabhu dake ghane ghane’ (Cb: Madhya, 13.185)): «Chakra! Chakra! Chakra!» He called out again and again. He wanted to cut off the heads of Jagai and Madhai. Everyone saw the chakra following behind Mahaprabhu as He chastised Jagai and Madhai, «I shall kill you! You have dealt wrongly with Nityananda Prabhu.»

Nityananda Prabhu grasp the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu and said, «What are You doing? This is not Dvapar-yuga. It is Kali-yuga. Here tolerance and humility are necessary. If You want to bestow Your mercy upon others, through tolerance and humility You can do that. You cannot use the chakra in this Avatar. This Avatar is not for that.»

Mahaprabhu said, «I cannot tolerate this type of activity of the demons.»

Nityananda replied, «But both of them are not offenders. Madhai is an offender; he hit Me. But Jagai rescued Me from him. One saved Me from the other’s stupidity.»