Nityananda Prabhu’s determination

The next day Nityananda Prabhu settled, «I must give Krishna-prema to them.» Nityananda again targeted Jagai and Madhai. Haridas was behind, what could he do? Mahaprabhu had ordered he and Nityananda to preach together. That day they went and again found Jagai and Madhai drinking wine. Nityananda Prabhu said, «Jagai and Madhai, you can do anything, but chant ‘Hare Krishna!’ It is the order of Mahaprabhu.»

When Nityananda spoke to them, Madhai was more drunk and said, «Oh, the order of Mahaprabhu! You ran away yesterday, but today again You have come? I’m going to show You!» There was a clay wine pot nearby, and Madhai threw it at the head of Nityananda. The pot cut Him, and with blood falling from His head Nityananda Prabhu said, «This is more of Mahaprabhu’s mercy upon Me», and He again told them, «You can beat Me more and more, it is okay. It is not a problem. You have hit Me, but I shall excuse that. I forgive you. But you chant ‘Hare Krishna!’ It is the order of Mahaprabhu. Without a doubt you will be rescued. Mahaprabhu said, ‘Bala Krishna, bhaja Krishna, kara Krishna siksa.’ You please take this religion of Mahaprabhu.»

Madhai said, «Now again You are coming to me! You are so energetic. I am going to show You! I shall teach You!» Then again Madhai took a clay wine pot and went to throw it at Nityananda Prabhu, but his brother Jagai took his hand and told him, «Nonsense! Why are you chastising this pagal sadhu? He is a sannyasi. It is not necessary to hit Him again. Why you are behaving like this? It is nonsense. Leave Him alone!» In this wa Jagai made some good comments and stopped him.