Taken by a sannyasi

When Nityananda Prabhu was just twelve years old, a sannyasi came to His father’s house. As soon as the sannyasi saw young Nityananda he immediately understood that He was not an ordinary boy and felt he could not leave Nityananda Prabhu’s association. The sannyasi fainted to see Nityananda Prabhu and finally asked His father, Hadai Pandit, «I am going to many pilgrimage places, and it is my prayer that you give this boy to me as an associate servitor.» Hearing this was like a thunderbolt to Hadai Pandit. Hadai Pandit was beside himself to hear this, and he fainted. Nityananda Prabhu was the very joy of his life. At that time religion was very strong within the mind of everyone. It was the custom that if any sannyasi, especially any Vaisnava sannyasi, wants anything, one’s son or even one’s life, the people give it to him. They may give everything to a sannyasi. Nityananda Prabhu was more than life to Hadai Pandit, but that was the custom. Hadai Pandit felt he could never leave his only son Nityananda, but he also felt he could not say, «No, I cannot leave Nityananda.» So finally he considered, «The sannyasi has prayed, and we must fulfil his desire.» He could not deny the sannyasi’s demand, and finally he gave Nityananda Prabhu to that sannyasi.

After giving away Nityananda, Hadai Pandit was like a crazy man (loke bale, «Hado Ojha haila pagala» (Cb: Madhya, 3.98).). He became half-mad in separation, and Mother Padmavati fainted, but still they gave away Nityananda Prabhu.

In this way Nityananda Prabhu left His house when He was twelve years old. His Pastimes were miraculous, and He was an avadhut from childhood. He went with that sannyasi and toured the whole of India. Some say that sannyasi was Madhavendra Puri, and some say he was another sannyasi, but it is certain that later Nityananda met Madhavendra Puri in the pilgrimage places. It is not clear who the sannyasi was, but no doubt he was a great personality, and Nityananda Prabhu served him. Later we know that Nityananda Prabhu and Madhavendra Puri could understand each other easily, and Madhavendra Puri accepted Nityananda Prabhu, by divine will, as his disciple.