Where is Krishna?

Meeting Madhavendra Puri was a turning point in Nityananda Prabhu’s life, and after that He went to so many pilgrimage places. He saw all the pilgrimage places in the ecstasy of Krishna-prema. Everywhere He went, He gave Krishna-prema, but He Himself was hiding. Nityananda Prabhu was perhaps one year senior in age to Mahaprabhu, and before joining in Mahaprabhu’s Pastimes, Nityananda Prabhu did not reveal much of His actual nature. But He was always thinking Himself to be Balaram, and His activities were like that. He was not hiding that. Finally He went to Vrndavan, where He searched, «Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?» He asked the Vraja-vasis where He could find Krishna, and Krishna Himself in the form of a human came to Him and said, «I am not here. I have now appeared in a household in Nabadwip.» Then, clearly the feeling manifested within the heart of Nityananda Prabhu: «Now My time has come to join Chaitanyadev — Nimai Pandit — in Nabadwip Dham.» He knew that Nimai Pandit was really Krishna Himself.