Sri Guru and His Grace

A must read book for anyone who is even a little serious about their spiritual life. Herein Srila Sridhar Maharaj explains the indispensable necessity of Guru for a spiritual seeker; the qualifications of a guru and different types of gurus; the qualifications of a disciple and how a disciple should view Guru; the nature of truth, faith, and progress; absolute and relative considerations; the difference between the gayatri mantra and mahamantra; the real meaning of diksha, shiksha, and parampara; and stages of spiritual development. Throughout Srila Sridhar Maharaj gives much emphasis to introspection and self-analysis, and the need to constantly follow “the pure current of truth”, howsoever it may appear: “We are worshipers not of form, but of substance.” Included is a chapter on Lord Nityananda, ‘The Original Guru’, as well as a discussion of the highest ideal of our line, Sri Radha Dasyam.